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Monday, 05 November 2012 13:07

The Rufiji Basin Water Office (RBWO)

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The Rufiji Basin Water Office (RBWO) was established after the inauguration of the first Basin Water Board (RBWB) on the 14/9/1993. It is one of the nine river basins declared in 1992 by Minister responsible for water affairs. The Office has been established in accordance to the Act No.11 of 2009. The Rufiji Basin Water Office has its Headquarters in Iringa Municipal Town.

RBWO is under the Ministry of Water and Irrigation. All its workers are employed by this MoWI. There are ten members of the RBWB. They are drawn from public institutions and the private sector (including representatives of NGO’s, Farmers and Livestock keepers, and women). The Minister of Water and Irrigation appoints the Chairman and the members of the Board.


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  • Location: Iringa, Tanzania
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