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Since 1999 a group of local rural municipalities and conservation groups in southeastern Saskatchewan have been developing watershed plans in conjunction with the Saskatchewan Watershed Authority. In partnership, the three local sub watershed committees; Four Creeks, Pipestone and, Antler Watershed Advisory Committees have formed a basin-wide organization know as the Lower Souris River Watershed Committee Inc.

No matter where you live - by the lakeshore, in the city, or on a farm - there are many things you can do to contribute to the health and restoration of Lake Winnipeg and other water bodies. Below are some examples from LWRC Special Projects Program participants, LWRC members, and school groups. We hope that by profiling these projects, you will be inspired to get more engaged in caring for water. Don't forget to share your projects with us!

The purpose of the project "We Save Lake Baikal" was and remains the development of integrated programs for nature protection and recreational planning that can lead to effective management of natural areas and timely management decisions; promotion of environmental knowledge, skills and technologies,
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