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Wednesday, 26 October 2011 09:31

Susquehanna River Basin Commission - Protecting Your Watershed For Today and Tomorrow

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The Susquehanna River Basin Commission is an agency with a mission - management of the water resources of the basin under comprehensive watershed management and planning principles.
As an interstate watershed agency, the Commission is uniquely qualified to carry out this mission. The boundaries are determined by the Susquehanna River and its many tributaries that form the 27,510 square mile drainage area, not by political boundaries.Under the authority of the Susquehanna River Basin Compact, the Commission can deal with water resource problems occurring anywhere in the vast drainage area. The Commission has adopted a comprehensive plan to guide not only its own policies, but those of its members – New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland and the federal government. It is the official blueprint for the management and development of the basin’s water resources."....


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