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River Basins and Watersheds Management...Similar global concerns but wide range of issues...General concepts but specific approaches... 


We need to keep our mind opened and learn from each others...This website includes more than 4000 pages of maps, knowledge items and case studies referring to all around the world. It shows how great is the imagination of communities, stakeholders, authorities, NGOs and private sector to invent new ways for getting river restored, wetlands protected, fair balance in water sharing, transparent sharing of knowledge and raise awareness. But it shows also how different can be the vision of our future and how worrying are the threats

Sharing knowledge and lessons learned from the various experiences and case-studies around the world may contribute to develop new ideas and elements of comparative analysis of strengths and weaknesses for the various stakeholders involved in basin management and water governance.The concept of “riversnetwork.org” is to develop and explore Internet tools aiming at networking river basins and watershed stakeholders. Lessons learned, success stories, cases of concern, approaches and methodologies, decision tools and new technologies related to river basins and watersheds management and water governance may then be shared. The core feature of “riversnetwork.org” is to be “river specific”. Topics are presented in terms of “case studies” instead of being treated globally in conceptual papers.


 “riversnetwork.org” consists of 3 tools:

·The Website www.riversnetwork.org is an open resource for knowledge sharing about the river basins and watersheds of the world. The core of the website is constituted of a world-wide coverage of “river blogs”, in which relevant links, videos, Google Earth scenes, twitters and key documents are embedded. Each blog includes systematically a reference to the geographical context of each river.

·The LinkedIn group “riversnetwork.org” is an interactive platform where lessons learned and experience can be shared. It ensures as well the interactivity with the website and, partially, it supports its feeding when appropriate.

·The Twitter Service: “@riversnetwork” is used as a “short message” service for broadcasting information concerning water- and river- management, mostly focused on information related to specific rivers, either from “riversnetwork.org” or re-tweeted from other Twitter Accounts. 

We modestly hope that this work may contribute to improve or develop new bench-marking concepts. We know that water resources management is vital for the future of our world. We are thus in the same boat whatever is our nationality, our culture, our language, our religion. Likely for the first time in the history of the human kind, we have common and urgent challenges to tackle all together. A special thanks to all "Rivers Advocates" who share their experience on the net, making this project possible.

Enjoy surfing this open resource...




Eric Tilman

Picture of me 1 (480x480) (200x200)Eric is a Civil Engineer and Hydrologist. He has spent a large part of his professional career as Consultant in water infrastructures, environmental impact assessment and water resources management. He has got a large field experience working in many river basins and watersheds in the world for a wide range of international institutions. Eric has got a lot of lessons on what to do and what not to do to for supporting water security and develop the water resources on a sustainable way. Basic principles of Integrated River Basin Management and Water Governance are valid world wide. But, when confronted to the reality, each river basin, each watershed has specificity in terms of physical context and issues and in terms of political, strategical, legal and institutional frameworks. Trans-boundary basins are even more complex. From this finding, Eric has developed the concept of riversnetwork.org and has decided to dedicate a great part of his time to this challenge, hoping that sharing knowledge and case-studies could mainstream new ideas to  rivers practitioners, advocates and all stakeholders in general.

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email : Eric.Tilman@riversnetwork.org

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