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About this website...

riversnetwork.org has been launched more than 10 years ago.  You are now about to discover the brand new version of riversnetwork.org. We have worked out it using the most recent open source software and  have moved to leaflet and openlayers for webmapping.
It is a significant work. We are step by step recovering and improving the content. So be patient, indulgent and frequently come back visiting us.

Interactive Web Maps

more than 1100 webmaps of river basins and watersheds. incl. protected areas, ramsar, rainfall, demography, etc...(under recovering...)

River Stories

more than 1000 river blogs...Plenty of River Stories to be found here, classified by river basins and watersheds. The river stories are classified in topics such biodiversity, wetlands, climate change, people and rivers,,... (under recovering)